image The optimum question to ask parents is:
“Would you want your child to make decisions about your health care or nursing home?”
-Bea Joyner

Parenting Parties
Parenting Parties” ™ are what parents and grandparents use to have -- a safe haven to discuss parenting issues while finding solutions to problems with the support and comfort of others. They are unique because they address tough issues in a non-threatening manner, but hold participants accountable for their actions. Parents and teens can be trained separately or together to improve their relationships. They help parents understand that they are raising our future leaders and decision makers. For teens, these seminars address issues our youth are facing while coming of age in the 21st century.

Core Classes for Parents and Teens Together or Separate
1. Conflict Management
2. “Ten Words”
3. “Change the Things That You Do”
4. “Play Games with Your Children”
5. “Poetry Therapy: Family Relationships”
6. “Parable of the Eagle”
7. “For Lula’s Sake”

Classes for Parents Alone
1. “How To Deal With a Spoiled Child”
2. “Remember When Hormones Took Over Your Reasoning?”
3. “What Will Future Generations Think of You?”

Classes for Teens Alone
1. “Brainstorming for Teens”
2. “When Hormones Take Over Your Reasoning”
3. “Have You Thought That Through?!”

For greater impact, each session is designed to build upon the previous one; however, they can be given as separate programs.

Testimonials for “Parenting Parties”

• “Can we take this class more than once?” Victoria Barnes
• “Continue to learn and share with parents your knowledge.” Arisleyda Caderon, School District of Lancaster
• “This was a wonderful, down to earth informative presentation!  Everyone could relate to at least one of the life examples.” Maureen Ross, Operation Wildcat
• “Ms. Bea Joyner is a great instructor; I would hope she can teach all of these classes.” Carol Archer, Lowell School,  Home & School President
• “Wonderful presentation and presenter. This topic matter is excellent. A good way to let parents know they’re not alone.” Gloria Thomas, Parent Power



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