“You only cheat yourself
when you do less than your best.”
-Bea Joyner


Keynotes For Teens
Teens live in a world of high tech, leading to a very different place than the world their parents grew up in. In addition, teens face an influx of hormones with a very strong desire to be independent while their parents feel they have not developed a reliable thought process. This leads to constant battles between teens, their parents and others. But what many parents fail to see is how amazing their children are and how well they function outside their parents’ sight.

Bea Joyner has conducted Leadership Training through Toastmasters International at various high schools in Philadelphia, PA and has mentored students. Ms. Joyner helps teens understand their parents better and their place in this world of constantly changing rules and regulations. Award winning author of "Don't Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!" and "A Taste of Things To Come", Ms. Joyner speaks on issues in a language that teens can immediately relate to:

“Dead, Dying or Bleeding” (frustrations a child can cause a parent)

“The Magical, Mystical Pouch” (teen logic)

“One Mice and the Fish Committed Suicide” (the value of chores and learning responsibility)

“Rise and Shine, Mom is Packing a Water Bottle” (learning self-responsibility)

“Going Shopping” (communication and self-esteem)


2014 Toastmasters Area 24C, 3rd Place Speech and Evaluation Contest

2013 Winner, Toastmasters International District 38, 3rd Place Table Topics Contest

2012 Winner, MED Week “Pitch Contest”, 2nd Place

2012 Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Bronze

2011 Winner of Toastmasters Division C, District 38 Table Topics Contest

2010 Winner of the Enterprising Woman Business Plan Competition 2nd Place (Service Category)