image "The more you are honest about your feelings, the more you will connect with others."
-Bea Joyner



“Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!”
“Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!” is a humorous look at life from a woman who has made errors in her life but survived with her sanity intact. Her wisdom comes across with humor and grace as she looks at her life objectively revealing experiences we rarely talk about but everyone has. You’ll laugh with her as she shares her relationship mistakes in, “Love Will Make a Hard Behind and a Soft Head.” She unlocks the mystery of parenting in “The Real Parents Training Manual” and shares survival tips like, “Going to the Movies on My Lunch Break.”

Join her as she talks about:

• “The Wedding and the Divorce”
• “Girl Friends Warn Me That I’m Suffering from Delusions That My Children Will Leave Home”
• Chewing Cream of Wheat
• “My Only Vices Are Cookies and Ice Cream”
• “More Than I Can Bear”
• “I Refuse to Waste Positive Energy on a Negative Situation”
• “Growing Old”


"A Taste of Things To Come”
“A Taste of Things To Come” is Bea Joyner’s audio book. Her stories speak from the heart and point of view of a mother, grandmother, sister and daughter with words of wisdom. The stories, essays and poems will make you laugh, think, and start a conversation with others about the topics she discusses. Recorded by Ms. Joyner, she continues sharing her life experiences from her upcoming book, “Don’t Need No Soaps, Or False Fingernails, My Life Is Soap Enough Two!” as well as her poetry and her essays.

Join her as she talks about:

• The Men Who Turn Me On, Turn Me Down
• The Hair I Wear
• Why Don’t They Consult Women Before They Start These Studies
• Really Lord, I’m Trying To Be Grateful
• If I Could Have My Mother’s Hands
• In Honor of My Father
• The Village Waits


2014 Toastmasters Area 24C, 3rd Place Speech and Evaluation Contest

2013 Winner, Toastmasters International District 38, 3rd Place Table Topics Contest

2012 Winner, MED Week “Pitch Contest”, 2nd Place

2012 Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Bronze

2011 Winner of Toastmasters Division C, District 38 Table Topics Contest

2010 Winner of the Enterprising Woman Business Plan Competition 2nd Place (Service Category)